Monday, June 11, 2012

White Space Wins Indie Soul Special Recognition Award at 2012 Boston International Film Festival

The White Space Production Team received notification that White Space was awarded the Indie Soul Special Recognition Award at the 2012 Boston International Film Festival on April 22, 2012.  The Boston International Film Festival was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the filmmakers who make it all possible.  This is a festival dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expression through the medium of film. 

The festival strives to bring together in Boston local, national and international filmmakers by promoting the world's most artistic and creative independent and experimental films.   The festival's goal is to encourage and support the work of worldwide independent filmmakers and to promote their products as an art concept and as a valuable contribution to world understanding.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

White Space Screening at Northern Spark Festival

HomeJust weeks after winning Best Short Film at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, White Space will make another stop in Minneapolis during the Northern Spark Festival on Saturday June 9th at Saint Anthony Main Theatre with two screenings (8:58pm, 10:45pm) in a Shorts Program sponsored by the Film Society of Minneapolis/ St. Paul. 

"Northern Spark is an active celebration of the creativity of artists and the creative programming of cultural organizations. Last year, during the night of June 4, 2011, there were 50,000 visits to 100 projects by more than 200 artists in collaboration with 60 cultural organizations and sponsors at 34 venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Northern Spark was a one-night creative explosion.

For us, Northern Spark is about transformation. It is about seeing the Twin Cities in a new light. It�s about making the place where you live a place you want to be, not where you return after being inspired somewhere else. It is about the dynamic intersection of art and science and technology and engineering and design and urban planning and nature and culture. It is about the power of artists to make us think and wonder." (Northern Spark)

If you live in the Twin Cities, you won't want to miss this Minneapolis screening!